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- Mindful Recovery

Hello, We want to welcome you to Mindful Recovery!



This is our WHY...



This space was created with the understanding that everyone heals differently…

May that be through yoga, meditation, Al-Anon, life coaching, family recovery coaching, motivational workshops, therapy or even just by sharing our stories with one another; we believe that change and healing is possible. Our focus is on bringing people together to create a beautiful community filled with love, hope and support for one another.

We are a Recovery Organization offering monthly access to family recovery coaching, guided meditations & Mindful Recovery Yoga.  
As a part of your life’s journey we are also thrilled to offer monthly workshops and live classes for you to participate in as well.
Our mission is to bridge the gap of recovery by helping families to heal along side their loved ones. When the family heals we can be our loved one’s best chance at recovery.
If someone you love struggles with addiction or is in recovery and you would like to join us for our weekly meetings via zoom - we would love to meet you. (Meetings Coming Soon) We also welcome you to join our family recovery group coaching platform on Facebook -Family Recovery: Mindful Recovery Group Coaching.
We hope that you enjoy connecting with us on our online platform! If you are local to Greenville SC and/ or Greenwood SC please keep an eye out for our in person yoga classes, Serenity Flow Meetings and workshops throughout our community. We look forward to helping you to heal and grow as we journey through together.

-Christine Suter & Shumon Salah /Founders of Mindful Recovery

Reach your potential with Mindful Recovery

Find the resources that are right for you.

Online Serenity Meetings

Yoga to Recovery with our weekly interactive meetings.


(Meetings coming soon...)


Online Group Coaching


Mindful Recovery Group Coaching is a great way to get started on your own path to recovery.

Get your life back while being your loved one's best chance at recovery. Learn tools to help shift your focus on you and alow your loved one the space and the support needed for them to recover. 

 Call us for more information: 864.484.5759

Virtual Yoga Membership

(Coming Soon...)

The proceeds of your membership will be donated to help families struggling with addiction get the support they need. When a family heals they also become their loved ones best chance at recovery. Join us on our mission in bridging the gap of addiction recovery & in return you will have access to a growing library of yoga & meditation on demand.


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