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For me, your Recovery is PERSONAL.


 My name is Christine, and I am the founder of the Recovery Project. I am grateful that you have chosen Mindful Recovery & Mindful Method Coaching to help you raise your vibration and be the best version of YOU that you can be while being your loved one's best chance at recovery.

We all have power and strength within ourselves to live our lives fully. Sometimes we just need a little encouragement and some healthy tools to harness the power and peace you have inside of yourself.  

I know firsthand the effects addiction can have on you and your family because I have been where you are and, in many ways, as I write this I still am. Substance use disorder is a lifelong battle and probably one of the hardest things a family has to face. Unfortunately, statistics are not on our side and because we know that, we also know that addiction effects 1 in every 4 families.

I lost someone very close to me recently to an overdose and I wish that understood this disease then as I do now.  For this reason I decided to go to school to learn about addiction and ways I can help families just like me get through this together. I realized that there is a gap in recovery and the gap is between the families and the ones who they love that are struggling. If we know that addiction is a family disease, why aren't we healing and recovering like a family? 

This is my why.... My mission is to bridge the gap in recovery. As the family of those we love that struggle we have a chance to be their best chance at recovery. 

Are you ready to learn about and understand addiction? Are you ready to be your loved one's best chance at recovery? Are  you ready  to finally get your life back? Lastly, are you ready to create a ripple effect of love, peace and compassion in your home and in your family?

As your coach, I am here to guide you and to remind you that you matter too.  I will teach you about addiction and tools you can use to navigate through these messy times in your life. My coaching is a mindful practice that focusses on solutions and not just the problem. 

Are you ready to take responsibility for your life? 

Now, is finally your time.  




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Mindful Recovery Group Coaching is a great way to get started on your own path to recovery.

Get your life back while being your loved one's best chance at recovery. Learn tools to help shift your focus on you and allow your loved one the space and the support needed for them to recover. 

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The proceeds of your membership will be donated to help families struggling with addiction get the support they need. When a family heals they also become their loved ones best chance at recovery. Join us on our mission in bridging the gap of addiction recovery & in return you will have access to a growing library of yoga & meditation on demand.


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